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Thank you for visiting the website for the Knights of Columbus Council 12610, Davie County, Mocksville, North Carolina!

This website is maintained and updated regularly through the volunteerism of members.  Any questions, comments, corrections or additions to its content should be directed to Jay Niland at:


The content and information presented on this website is copyright 2011 by The Knights of Columbus Council 12610, Mocksville, North Carolina.  Use or reproduction of any content occurring herein can only be done through the express written consent of the Council.  Pictures provided through David Graham Photography are used with permission.  Any duplication of these are not allowed without the express permission of David Graham Photography.

Mocksville Council Email Distribution List:

Here is information in regards to our email distribution list!  By taking advantage of this feature, we will be able to more effectively communicate with our Council Members and will allow the them to add, remove and better manage where their emails are received.  Having and using such a distribution list has many advantages:

1.    Security.  All email addresses are stored on our hosting server in a secure file format and not posted in any way.  Only our subscribed members are allowed to send or receive emails!

2.    Privacy.  Messages sent out to the distribution list go to our server and then forwarded to individual's emails who have opted in to this service.  Your personal / business email address will never be visible to others.

3.    Convenience-Sending Emails.  Anyone needing to correspond with all members need only use one email address:  Members are responsible for maintaining their own current, functioning email address.

4.    Convenience-Receiving Emails.  Council members can add or remove their email address at any time.  You may enter more than one address if you so choose to receive updates or notifications at multiple locations (i.e. Home, Work, Smart Phone, etc.).  If you change your email address you can simply opt-out the old one and opt-in the new!

To be added to this list and receive updates from the Council or to send information to the council members, simply add your email address in the boxes below and click "Send".  You will automatically receive a confirmation email which you need to respond to for address verification and to complete the opt-in process!!

Should you have any questions, please direct them to: Jay Niland

Thank you!


Register into the Knights of Columbus, Council 12610
Email Distribution List:

Here you can subscribe into, or unsubscribe from, our email distribution list  This will be our primary means of communication with you!!
Yes, I want to become a member of the mailing list

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Enter your e-mail address:

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Once you enter your email address into our secure server, you will be sent an email to confirm the email address you entered.  YOU MUST REPLY TO THIS EMAIL IN ORDER TO COMPLETE THE REGISTRATION PROCESS!

If you have any problems or question, please contact Jay Niland.

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God Bless!

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